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Frequently asked questions


What is DesignBox? What does it specialize in? 

What is a design subscription service exactly? 

Why should I choose DesignBox over hiring an in-house designer?

What is covered in the 3-day trial plan? 

How much can I accomplish in one month?

Who’s on the DesignBox team? 

How it works

What should I include in my design request?

How soon can I get my first design draft? 

How do you maintain design quality?

How do I know which subscription plan suits me best?


Can I change or upgrade my subscription? 

Can I cancel my plan?

When and how do I pay?

What happens if I’ve used all my monthly design hours?

Is there a minimum contract term?

How does onboarding work? 

Do you create custom plans?

I have a lot of design work. How does planning around this work? And how do I work with the dedicated designer?

What are your working hours, and how do you manage different time zones?

Can I request just a single design?

What if my initial design doesn't meet expectations?

How does the pause feature work? 

How do cancellations work, and are there refunds?

What if my initial design doesn't meet expectations?

Is there a limit to design requests?

Are there any designs you won't do?

Which services are covered, and do you do development?